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(Rewrite of Apple’s iPhone SE page as a dummy piece. Apple is NOT related to us in any way and  this piece wasn’t ordere by them)

The New iPhone SE – Small. But. Powerful.

We present Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone SE. You’ll find it small and handy with its 4-inch Retina display. Nevertheless, It is still the most powerful 4-inch phone yet!

We designed it, so you love it. The iPhone SE runs on the Apple A9 mobile chip for its microprocessor. The same one used in the iPhone 6s. And then there is more. You can capture your precious moments with the high-resolution 12-megapixel iSight camera. And of course, relive moments from your life as this iPhone supports 4K videos and Live Photos.

Handy Design With Smart Looks

This little iPhone will fit comfortably in your hands. Plus, it is beautiful! Its luxurious finish can be attributed to our use of bead-blasted aluminum. Add a little more to the style-factor! You have matte-finished chamfered edges, and a color-matched logo etched in stainless steel.

A9 – Powerful Technology At Its Core

Most importantly, the iPhone SE is very powerful. Very. You have a fast and responsive interface in your hands. We fitted it with A9, one of the most powerful mobile chips that exist today. It is the same chip that powers iPhone 6s.

So, get ready for indulging in exciting games and apps with the A9’s superior console-class graphics.

New Age Features With M9 Motion Coprocessor

In addition to the above, the A9 chip houses the M9 motion coprocessor. This can collect sensor data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass.

Use it to track your daily activities like running, walking and sleeping. A little aid for your fitness regime. Also, wake Siri up without touching your phone by just saying ‘Hey Siri.’

Capture Details Of A Moment With The 12 MP Camera

Just like the iPhone 6s, this too has a high-resolution 12-megapixel camera. Take very clear and sharp photographs, as good as any camera. Capture 4K videos with a resolution of up to 4 times that of HD.

Make Your 12 MP Image Alive With Live Photos

Breathe life into your still photographs with just a finger click. With our Live Photos, watch your images turn into beautiful snippets of motion and sound. And relive your memories again.

More Natural Selfies With Retina Flash For Facetime HD Camera

Enjoy bright selfies even when there is not much light. Our custom display chip makes the retina display for your Facetime HD camera flash three times brighter. Enjoy more natural images in life-like colors because of our True Tone flash.

Keep Your Photos And Videos Safe in iCloud Photo Library

Store all your photos and videos in the iCloud Photo Library. Access them from any of your devices, edit them and keep them up to date.

Secure Your iPhone SE With Touch ID

Protect your phone with your fingerprints. Unlock it with a simple touch. Yet. Keep it as secure as it can ever get. Also, use Apple Pay coupled with Touch ID to make very secure payments.

Better Connectivity And Faster Wireless

Experience superior quality wideband calls and worldwide roaming because of the greater number of LTE bands. Download games and apps faster. And browse the web at lightning speed. Use our Bluetooth technology and connect well with other devices like your Apple Watch.

iOS 9 – The Foundation Of Your iPhone

Better optimized than ever before, our iOS 9 offers a beautiful, secure, and easy to use interface, along with the most feature-rich iOS yet! There are useful inbuilt apps for you. And also the App store with an umpteen number of apps to choose from.

Choose a few add-ons from our collection of nice accessories for your iPhone, give it a smarter look and delve into the power packed features that the new iPhone SE has to offer.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – The Handsome And Muscular Hunk!

Samsung has proved itself once again! The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a perfect combination of good looks and great performance.

The S7 Edge looks cool like other smartphones from Samsung’s Galaxy lineup. Add some more subtle curves, and you have a comfortable smartphone. They have made it waterproof and dust-resistant like the Samsung Galaxy S5. So, you’ll love it.

How Has The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Changed Compared to Previous Galaxy Phones

Samsung has improved upon the design of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6. It’s sleek. It has subtle curves. It looks great. It feels comfortable.

Think of the features you missed since Galaxy S5. Samsung has brought them back. Yes. Galaxy S7 Edge is waterproof and dust-resistant. And it also comes with a micro SD card slot. Yes. That has finally happened. Way to go Samsung!

With a drastic improvement in the battery, Samsung has hit the right chords. This new smartphone is crazy fast to cherry the cake.

How It Fares In Comparison To Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge Plus is a tough competitor to Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus.

• Samsung has tweaked its design in the right spots. Metal alloy and 3D Glass blend seamlessly to create a far better-looking smartphone than the iPhone.
• Super AMOLED panel technology gives the Galaxy S7 Edge’s LCD, better contrast and more accurate colors than the iPhone 6S Plus.
• Both are equally powerful. Samsung’s Exynos 8 is as powerful as Apple’s A9 CPU.
• Though the iPhone can capture more accurate photos in bright daylight, the Galaxy S7 Edge takes brighter, clearer and faster pictures in dim light conditions.
• Android 6 may be more advanced than iOS in more ways than one. However, Apple’s iPhone is more in sync with its software, iOS 9.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Really That Great?

Samsung has taken care of this. You can see some very useful features in this new phone. From looks to performance, you can feel the improvement.

Designed To Look And Feel Beautiful

Samsung has crafted the Galaxy S7 Edge with high-end components. With the help of 3D thermoforming, they melted 3D glass. And gave it subtle but perfect curves. Curves on its rear make it comfortable to hold.

As an add-on is its convenient screen size. Compared to the 5.1-inch Galaxy S7, the Edge version has a screen size of 5.5 inches.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge Is Weatherproof!

What more can you ask of a phone’s design! Your Galaxy S7 Edge is waterproof. And resistant to dust too!

It can be safe in up to 1.5 m of water for 30 whole minutes. So you do not have to think twice before pulling out your phone in rain and snow.

Be careful to have it dry, though, before you plug it in for charging!

An Incredibly Well Performing Dual Pixel 12MP Camera In Your Hands

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is the first smartphone to feature a dual pixel camera. Its image sensor has a brighter lens, the F1.7, and larger 1.4m pixels. Now take photographs with great clarity, in light, and in dark.

Bring Your Photos And Panoramas To Life

A new feature! An elegant one at that! You can now bring your panoramas to life. Watch your panorama as a series of graceful movements. And that too with just a swipe or a pan.

With motion photo, bring your photos to life. Watch the three seconds before the image and choose the still you like most.

Powerful Performance

According to an analysis in GSMArena’s latest review of the phone, it has proved to be one of the most powerful smartphones today.

Is Everything So Nice About Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge?

Well, there are just a few pitfalls like,

• It is expensive
• You need to handle it with care. Protection cases may feel like a compromise with its stylish looks.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a great smartphone to own. It is in fact worth its money. You can boast of owning a beautifully designed smartphone. And that too, one of the most powerful ones in the market.

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Much Needed Words Of Assurance From The Center

Students at the National Institute of Technology, Srinagar have been assured by many political figures that their safety is of prime concern. The center has taken steps to ensure that the college continues to work normally. The ministers are trying to make students feel safe on campus.

Cricket Leads To Crisis

It all started on the 31st of March when India lost the semi-finals of the World T20 Cup. The defeat in the match against West Indies saddened Indians.

At such a time, a handful of locally residing students of NIT Srinagar celebrated India’s loss with a few crackers.

Other students were infuriated by this. They reacted with protests. This led to a clash between students, now divided into two groups.

Authorities Shut College Down

The protests continued. Students tried to hoist the Indian flag at the administrative block of the college. Both groups of students shouted serious slogans.

The campus no longer felt safe. The administrative authorities of the college had to close the campus down.

It remained closed from Saturday, 1st of March till the following Monday.
With tight security both from the local police and from paramilitary forces, the college reopened on Monday.

Further Protests

Despite the presence of security forces, fresh protests were carried out by students.

Students from the non-resident group expressed their desire to leave the college and head back home.

Clash With The Local Police

Attempts by the police to calm the angered students resulted in more chaos.

A few students who were protesting pushed a senior police officer. Police then had to use the force of lathi-charge. A few students were injured.

The Center Steps In

To ease the tension at the campus, the Central and State Ministry are trying to make the campus safe for students. There have been assurances by a few ministers that the campus will be safe again.

Can Students Feel Safe

Some of the steps taken by the HRD Ministry with proper employment of security forces can help students feel safe again. The following are some reasons to feel safe:

• Assurance from Home Minister Rajnath Singh
• Assurance from Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti
• Assurance from HRD Minister Smriti Irani
• Visit by a team of director-level officers from the ministry.

The Home Minister has spoken to the J&K Chief Minister, who has also assured that the college will be back to normal soon. HRD Minister Smriti Irani has also spoken to the Chief Minister regarding the same.

The team of officers from the HRD ministry has spoken to students and tried for reconciliation. They are trying to bring back the students’ confidence in the safety of their premises.

Inquiry Into The Incident

The Chief Minister has also assured to conduct an inquiry to know more about how it all happened. Those responsible could then be addressed to.

All the above and ongoing attempts to restore safety should make the students feel safe again. Life at the college on the banks of picturesque Dal Lake should come back to normal.

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Fast Food Chains – Bustling Hubs Of Modern Indian Cities

Whether you want to grab a quick meal or hang out at a party with friends, you are sure to think of fast food chains. They are convenient, quick, happening, and friendly on the pocket as well.

Every minute rushes past in today’s life. ‘Fast’ is the new mantra of life. And chains of fast food have come as a blessing to aid us in whizzing through busy days.

Good At Providing Fast Service

Fast food joints may not have extensive table service like big restaurants. But they specialize in serving quick meals. And thus, they are rightly called quick service restaurants.

Rapidly Spreading Fast Food Chains

Recent years have witnessed the mushrooming of fast food restaurants throughout India, especially in big cities.

They have been quickly spreading across smaller cities and towns. Even narrow little streets of India are today home to fast food joints, both Indian and international, always ready to satisfy food-lovers.

Why Quick Service Restaurants Are So Popular

• They provide an easy means to grab a quick meal on the way to work or during travel.
• They provide convenient takeaway and home delivery options.
• They are economical.
• With more and more people traveling abroad and embracing worldwide food, there has been an expansion of the taste palate. These restaurants provide a diverse choice of quick food.
• A growing economy thanks to a greater number of young working men and women has also led to citizens being more ready to spend on food.

Bringing Together A Wide Palate

Indian fast food restaurant chains are diverse, coming from different states of the country.

If you want to have a taste of North Indian street food with their tangy and sweet flavors, look no further than Haldiram’s, Bikanerwala or Nirula’s down the corner of a street. You can drop in for a quick meal and also satisfy your sweet tooth. They are a vegetarian’s paradise.

You can get a very good taste of the south at restaurants like Saravana Bhavan and Darshini.

Goli vada pav brings to you the famous dish of the streets of Mumbai along with its modern modifications like cheese vada pav.

Please your taste buds at Wow! Momo with bites of Darjeeling’s famous street food.

From Across The Borders

Early global entrants like McDonald’s faced many challenges in the beginning. Gradually, with modifications to their menu and policies, they have made their place in the Indian market. Today more and more International culinary chains are happily thriving in Indian streets.

International Culinary Chains

Delight yourself with a spicier version of McDonald’s burger, even if you are a vegetarian. There are options tailor-made for the Indian palate. Also, McDonald’s does not use beef in India.

Try Nando’s, KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts and many other fast food chains for a diverse taste from around the world.

Entertainment For All Occasions

If you are a part of the 360 billion youth of India and are hungry for more variety than ever before, any of these joints can satisfy you.

They can also please the traditional foodie with many of them including the most loved traditional flavors.

Many of these chains have a child-friendly atmosphere making them great for the entire family and also for organizing kids’ birthday parties.

Though these foods aren’t very friendly to the health conscious, many fast food chains are providing healthy alternatives to their dishes. They are definitely a great alternative to expensive dine-in restaurants when you want a little break from cooking at home.
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Bangalore Loses ‘Safe’ Status After Brutality Against The Tanzanian Girl

While reports of atrocities against women were pouring out of other metropolitan cities of India, Bangalore was still the one nearly safe enough.

After what happened to the Tanzanian girl, it is time, even Bangalore had hung its head down in shame.

The barbaric incident has laid bare the low morale of the public towards foreigners. Whatever became of “Atithi Devo bhava”?

Height of Misunderstanding

A case of sheer misunderstanding it was, when the girl was allegedly violated by an angry yet clueless mob, in response to a hit-and-run case.

• The mob mistook the Tanzanian girl’s car to be that of the culprit.
• The perpetrators allegedly dragged her out of the car, stripped her, and beat her up. They did not even spare her friends who were inside the car.
• As if this was not enough, the passengers of the bus passing by pushed her out of it when she tried to escape by getting on it.
• All this transpired for one small mistake – she had parked her car near the accident spot.

She and her three friends paid a hefty price for a crime they did not commit.

Repercussions Against The Crime

This incident has the High Commission of Tanzania involved.

A Note Verbal sent to the External Affairs Ministry clearly indicates measures required against those guilty of the crime. Fortunately, the Ministry has intervened in the matter, booking four accused. They are likely to face criminal charges.

Calling the event ‘shameful’, Sushma Swaraj, the External Affairs Minister, has stressed on ensuring safety of the Tanzanian students overall.

Bengaluru Cut A Sorry Figure

A majority of men shows an incomprehensible aggression on women to date. Surprisingly, this never happened in Bengaluru – a city so advanced in erudition and open-mindedness. Will there be no city left where women can feel safe?

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Budget Brings Bad News for Smokers

The announcement of the hike on excise duty on cigarettes spread like wildfire and saw some action with tobacco vendors witnessing a busy afternoon on a hot day in July.

The 11-72 per cent hike on cigarettes is sure to burn a hole in the pockets of smokers.

Precursors of the Hike

In the past, there have been a lot of awareness missions on the ills of smoking organised by the government and social groups.

Moreover, this hike in excise duty was expected since the tweet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi about cutting tobacco consumption in India.

Pros of the Hike

This decision was appreciated by some anti-tobacco lobbies which believe that,

• The rise in price will induce smokers to quit smoking.

• Youngsters who are drawn towards smoking due to peer pressure will be discouraged to do so.

• The hike in price will burn a hole in the pockets of smokers and many will quit smoking.

• There will be a decrease in cases of lung cancer and other diseases caused by smoking.

The Other Side of the Coin

But one wonders if this decision even takes into consideration the psyche of smokers.

Observing the hikes earlier, the tobacco companies presaged that hikes only persuade smokers to vouch for cheaper options, which if considered, are more noxious.

Hiking of excise duty in the past has also led to illegal trade smuggling. This illegal trade smuggling according to The Tobacco Institute of India today reports to 19% in comparison to 17% two years back.

Also, it brought an excise loss of Rs. 6000 crores to the government.

Furthermore, cigarette smokers constitute just 3% of the total smokers as most people smoke Beedies or route to cheaper options.

Keeping this in perspective, the tobacco companies previously raised their focus on sub-65mm cheaper cigarettes.

But these companies hoped that the government was unlikely to come down like a ton of bricks on poor workers who constitute the market for these cigarettes.

What Can Be Done?

The policymakers have to have a systematic view of things and must take into account all the factors that can subvert and undermine the policies.

The need is to take non-conformal actions to curb the consumption instead of coming out with such decisions without giving them a thought.

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Eye drop Product Review

When looking for help for your aging eyes and cataracts, you want something that is easy to use and non-invasive. NAC Eye Drops and Can-C drops are two products available on the market. Neither are related to each other but offer very similar benefits.

NAC Eye Drops Help 90% of Patients with Cataracts

The NAC drops are manufactured in the US and meet standard requirements. They have been through numerous trials and proved to help clear the vision in 90% of users suffering from cataracts. That visual clarity means that there is no need for invasive surgery to remove the cataract thereby avoiding the risk of further damage.

The eye drops have no pain associated with them and are easy for anyone to use. The bottle is gently squeezed so a drop of the fluid goes straight onto the eye – just like you would with any type of eye drop!

How the NAC Eye Drops Work

The NAC drops use L-carnosine, which works with the fluid that is around the lens of the eye. L-carnosine is a powerful ingredient and an antioxidant, which helps to prevent the fluid lens from becoming hard, which is when the cataracts form. The ingredients can help to prevent cataracts ever becoming a problem by constantly keeping the lens fluid and can help to repair the damage by working on turning the solid mass back into a liquid.

Can-C Eye Drops for Age Related Problems

There are a number of problems that affect the eyesight as people age. This includes corneal disorders, retinal disease, dry eye and cataracts. Can-C in stock eye drops are made in India and sold through the UK and help fight against many of the age related issues and help the vision to improve without surgery. They offer a non-invasive approach to something that was only seen as treatable through surgery in the past.

Daily Treatment

Whether using Can-C in stock drops or NAV eye drops, it is important to follow a daily schedule. This will help to ensure you gain the best results from the product. It may be worth buying the drops in bulk and benefitting from the Can-C free shipping available to keep the cost down.

For whom are these eye drops suitable?

The drops can be used to improve vision in patients suffering from cataracts. The drops will help to dissolve the hard coating that forms over the lens of the eye.

It is possible for younger people to use the drops to help prevent cataracts from forming. The drops will help to keep the fluid around the lens. However, there is still research pending into how effective the drops are for this use.
Those suffering from glaucoma and other corneal disorders or inflammation of the ocular may benefit from using the drops.

Order your drops today and benefit from the Can-C free shipping. They are primarily for those suffering from cataracts and want to avoid surgery but they can also benefit those suffering from other age-related problems, including glaucoma, corneal disorders and retinal disease.

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NAC Eye Drops

Cataracts occur when the inside the lens of the eye becomes cloudy because of lens hardening. The cloudiness leads to a diminished vision and is the most common cause of blindness. The traditional treatment for cataracts is surgery, which requires the hardened lens to be removed and replaced with an artificial lens transplant. Cataracts occur largely due to aging, but there are a variety of other causes of cataracts.

Surgery is effective treatment for cataracts, but within 24 months of the initial surgery, about 50% of cataract patients require additional eye treatment. Eye drops have proven to be more effective, and considerably less risky than surgery. By using drops, the cataract sufferer is able to retain their natural eye lens.

There is an eye drop solution effective for cataract treatment without surgery. NAC eye drops or N-Acetyl-Carnosine eye drops are applied to the eye as any other type of eye drop is applied. These eye drops contain an ingredient called L-carnosine that is absorbed into the fluid that is around the eye. The ingredient essentially stops the lens of the eye from hardening.

The NAC eye drops, tested in clinical studies, will improve vision within a month of use, but the eye drop manufacturer recommends the drops be used a minimum of three to five months. The eye drops are effective as the L-carnosine works to break down the build-up of the hardened protein around the lens. The component is flushed from the eyes and metabolized through the bloodstream.

In addition to treating cataracts, NAC eye drops can be used as a preventative measure by anyone who wants to lessen the risk of developing cataracts. The drops will keep eyes moist and prevent the lens from developing a hardened shell. Other users include people who suffer from glaucoma or have eye conditions related to wearing contact lenses, vision problems from working on a computer, eye inflammation and corneal disorders.

There are several different brands of eye drops used for the treatment of cataracts. The most effective is CAN-C drops produced by Innovative Vision Products in the United States. The drops are available online and the consumer will always find CAN-C drops in stock.

The NAC Eye Drops are easy to use, and are applied by holding open the eye with one hand, and squeezing out two to three drops on the eye. The user should repeat that process two times a day for three to five months. The user may feel slight discomfort when the liquid hits the eye.

Always check for CAN-C free shipping when purchasing online, and take advantage of one of the many money saving offers. CAN-C can be purchased with a major credit card in 3 and 6 week supply and 2, 3, 4.5 or 6-month supply. CAN-C free shipping applies to all orders from Canada and the United States.

CAN-C comes with a 90-day money return guarantee by sending back any unused portions within the allotted time frame. Before ordering the drops, be sure CAN-C in stock is available.