You may be wondering why this page is so short. Let us tell you something that may interest you.

If we were to compile a list of all the clients who we have worked for, then that would probably make an entire book, not a booklet, but a book. From what we can recall, we have worked with close to 2000 clients till date. Then, why is this page so short?

Exactly, coming to your question now. We believe in keeping the information of all our clients private from our competitors and staff. That, however, doesn’t mean that we can’t boast a good clientele.

Obviously, we don’t want to boast or feel too proud but we definitely do have a fair amount of respect in the internet marketing world and a good base of clients to bank on including some private limited and incorporated companies, from across the world.

And let me assure you that we have dealt with some really HUGE clients.

If you feel that you may want to add yourself to our clientele, then you are most welcome. You can contact us at OR Skype WeavingThoughts.

Just by the way, free content worth at least 200 words is available to any client who we wish to extend the gesture to.

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