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Weaving Thoughts Is Hiring Editors!

Good day,

If you’re interested in joining Weaving Thoughts as an Editor, please reply to this email along with your resume, a sample article and your mobile number.

And the profile is 100% work from home, part-time and freelance in nature!

If this sounds good, please read the below details. The terms and conditions of being a writer still apply. On top of that, these are the guidelines for your profile should you be interested:

P.S. Please send in your resume with a sample article if you want to join Weaving Thoughts as an Editor!

Thank You so much, God Bless!
Aakshey Talwar



Based on your availability, you may commit to work anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes per day. And you may only work select days each week. But you need to inform your manager well in advance so we can plan accordingly.

Quality Control
You need to ensure the quality, quantity and turnaround time of work at each step and that the human resources of the firm are in line.

20% of billing is yours for the projects you QC singlehandedly
The editorial team/editor gets 20% of the billing of the writers’ for the respective project.

You need to inform of your availability and turnaround time well in advance. If another team member ends up doing partial QC for your work, you lose 100% of the income from those parts of that project.



You need to inform your work hours well in advance. Most projects will need to be submitted within or well before 24 hrs. Delays won’t be excused!

You will have several parallel projects at the same time.



You will also be in charge of Quality control including but not limited to and plagiarism checks, following of client guidelines, ensuring proper grammar is maintained by the writers, then Grammarly checks, editing, proofreading, Grammarly reports etc.

Ideally, once you receive an article you’ll probably not need to spend more than 3-5 minutes on each article of 500 words or so. Unless of course it needs revisions in which case you’ll need to send it back and recheck when you get it again.

You’ll personally need to check every single article manually and through tools that I provide. Including but not limited to for plagiarism, for grammar, light manual editing/proofreading etc.

You need to go through every single article to ensure that there are no typos or grammatical mistakes. You’ll also provide feedback to your writers so they can improve. And this also ensures that you need to spend less time improving the work for those writers as time passes. Interaction will be via your manager.

So if your team delivers say 30 articles in a day, you’ll probably need to spend 60 to 150 minutes maintaining quality control and related stuff.


Thank You so much, God Bless!