Training For Reviews

weavingthoughts Training March 13, 2016

Have you ever read a movie review or a game review?

That is the tone and format to follow over here.

It will be in third person, ‘They’.

You’ll review them and try to give your opinion, but it most be positive overall and must sound natural. A negative here and there may help to make it more believable but the overall tone must be positive. Unless specified otherwise.

The general rule is:

40% positive – 40% neutral – 20% negative

Don’t be overly negative. Don’t be overly positive.

Be natural and neutral. The review must be genuine and believable. And worthy of an authority website like or

Be neutral to slightly positive in tonality.

Don’t be overly optimistic and don’t try to tell it as the best thing in its class.

Be real. Be genuine. But be neutral to very slightly positive in tone.

Don’t flaff or be over proud. Do NOT over do it!

You’re not a third rate salesman. Be genuine. Focus on the merits and mention the demerits. Convince naturally. Don’t by pushing. People like to buy from you. But only if you’re not trying to sell to them 😀

You’ll include sections with headings in bold like:


Target Audience/Market

Customer service
Bottom line / Would you recommend or not
Rating (depends on the projectPros

Other relevant headings


You get the idea?

But try not to use generic sub-headings like Pros, Features etc. Be creative. The title and sub-headings should be long, catchy and descriptive.

Something along those lines.


All the best, God Bless!

Aakshey Talwar