Training For All Writing Projects (Section A)

weavingthoughts Training March 9, 2016

SECTION A – Critical Training For All Writing Projects

1. File naming:

Eg: 5MY16.P4-royal dating guide-Moses-Shreya
5 stands for 2015
MY stands for May
16th = 16th of May
P4 = 4th project for the day

Order nos will only be generated by Aakshey. Not by managers/writers.

Moses = First name of Manager, M capital
Shreya = First name of Writer, S capital
royal dating guide = Primary keyword (for SEO articles) – all small letters OR
Article Title for non-SEO articles (all caps in that case)

2. Write correct English, meaningful sentences and accurate facts.

The quality of the content is the single most important thing.

Your grammar must be your very best.

And sentences must be well structured and easily understood by a 5th grader. That is good copy.

3. Only write original and unique content.

Copy pasting between your own articles and/or from the internet isn’t allowed.

Copy pasting quotes isn’t allowed either.

4. George client = UK audience = UK English
Non-George client = US audience/US English unless specified otherwise


Always use the above.

One article at a time.

Ensure 100% uniqueness and then submit.

We can’t share a Copyscape account with you, although it is more accurate.

6. Sign up for a free Grammarly account.

And always pass every article through it and ensure the best possible score and minimum possible errors, before you send the article to your manager.

7. Always use Microsoft’s built-in grammar checker etc to ensure the work has no grammatical or spelling errors as far as that piece of software is concerned.


Thank You so much, God Bless!


Founder CEO