Training For All Writing Projects (Section C)

weavingthoughts Training March 9, 2016

SECTION C – Critical Training For All Writing Projects


I am not saying every write-up for every client will be as casual as the links I am about to share. However, in 80%+ situations, a casual and tongue-in-cheek humor approach works best.

Of course, based on your style and the project in question, you will need to find the right balance. But. Nevertheless, these links show you how to write proper copy (aka content) in a conversational and talkative manner.

Basically, you can’t write in a manner that the reader feels that he is reading a textbook. You have to engage your reader and talk to him, personally, with the copy you write.

Please proceed!

  1. This guy Jason writes really well. It is crisp and engaging. Conversational and casual. He knows how to hold your interest and play with you. Go through his personal website and the book he has written. You don’t need to read everything word for word. Just read the stuff in bits and pieces. Go wider rather than deeper. You’ll get an idea of how proper copy is written.Go through the titles, headings, FAQs, descriptions, everything. In bits and pieces. No need to read cover to cover. WARNING Of course, you can’t use words like ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’ that way. But you’ll still get an idea of how to write proper copy. And then you can create your own style.Basically, you can’t be boring. You can’t write so that it feels like somebody is reading from a textbook.Once you go through those two links in detail, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


2. You need to focus on AIDA principles and talk to your reader, the YOU.

You need to address the reader in second person, as YOU. And you need to talk far more about YOU (the reader), than about yourself (I/me). Perry’s link will tell you the ratio for your content. Ideally, You:Me should be like 2:1 or so or greater!

Once you get used to writing this way, the demand for your copy will be a lot more. And all of us will be able to get more $$$ per word, including YOU!

All the best!


3. Use wit, humour, satire, sarcasm and flowery language in your content.

Be witty and clever.

Be funny.

Use good vocabulary where applicable.

Write for an intelligent and mature, well-educated audience. Don’t be cheap. Be mature but casual. And informal. Don’t talk the way teenagers do. Talk the way young adults do. Who are well-off.

Be funky and jazzy. Write in a talkative manner. Like you’re writing a video script. But in a grammatically correct manner. Be conversational rather than boring. Try to bring the content to life.



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