Training For All Writing Projects (Intro)

weavingthoughts Training March 5, 2016

If a client specifies contradictory guidelines, then:

Contradictory parts of the client’s guidelines will be followed. Not Weaving Thoughts’s guidelines.

Both sets of guidelines will be followed where the client’s guidelines don’t contradict Weaving Thoughts’s guidelines.



The intention of this training is to ensure writers write content that is high quality, factual, engaging and most of all natural.

The most important thing is that you have to be natural and write like the reader is talking to you.

The below is a means to achieve that.

Every single writer needs to be trained to follow these guidelines to ensure the maximum possible readability of their content, focusing on their readers while balancing optimization for search engines as well.

You may find them difficult at first. But after the first 5 or so articles, they will be embedded in your DNA and you will come out as a far better and capable writer. 🙂

The aim is to create content that is:

Conversational and Engaging (often casual, with a tongue in cheek type humor)

Factual and detailed

Not fluff


Grammatically correct

Light and easy to read

Optimized for readers (not for search engines)

Worth publishing on a respected brand’s website 🙂


Thank You so much, Best of Luck!

Aakshey Talwar