Payment Cycle

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Payment Cycle For Writers (Rokeeto), Editors, Managers & Designers

These terms don’t apply to Miloq writers.

The billing cycle is from the 21st to 20th.

For example, say, 21st Feb 2016 to 20th March 2016.

So, all work completed and submitted in the above-mentioned cycle, that is (later) NOT:


Pending revision



Or any other reasonable requirement,

Will be included in the next invoice.

The invoice will be raised by you on 1st April 2016 for said work.

Respective managers will go through the invoices and check them.

They will be forwarded to Aakshey by the 4th to 7th of April or so, approx.

These invoices will be cleared approximately around 10th to 15th of April.

Mode of Payment for Indian Writers:


Mode of Payment for non-Indian Writers:



Payment Cycle For Writers (Miloq)

Weekly or monthly, as per your convenience and negotiation with Aakshey, and/or based on how much work you do for us.

Mode of Payment:

Freelance websites where you were hired from

And/or Paypal

And/or Skrill

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Thank You so much, God Bless!

Aakshey Talwar


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