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weavingthoughts Miloq, Portfolio February 10, 2016

NAC Eye Drops

Cataracts occur when the inside the lens of the eye becomes cloudy because of lens hardening. The cloudiness leads to a diminished vision and is the most common cause of blindness. The traditional treatment for cataracts is surgery, which requires the hardened lens to be removed and replaced with an artificial lens transplant. Cataracts occur largely due to aging, but there are a variety of other causes of cataracts.

Surgery is effective treatment for cataracts, but within 24 months of the initial surgery, about 50% of cataract patients require additional eye treatment. Eye drops have proven to be more effective, and considerably less risky than surgery. By using drops, the cataract sufferer is able to retain their natural eye lens.

There is an eye drop solution effective for cataract treatment without surgery. NAC eye drops or N-Acetyl-Carnosine eye drops are applied to the eye as any other type of eye drop is applied. These eye drops contain an ingredient called L-carnosine that is absorbed into the fluid that is around the eye. The ingredient essentially stops the lens of the eye from hardening.

The NAC eye drops, tested in clinical studies, will improve vision within a month of use, but the eye drop manufacturer recommends the drops be used a minimum of three to five months. The eye drops are effective as the L-carnosine works to break down the build-up of the hardened protein around the lens. The component is flushed from the eyes and metabolized through the bloodstream.

In addition to treating cataracts, NAC eye drops can be used as a preventative measure by anyone who wants to lessen the risk of developing cataracts. The drops will keep eyes moist and prevent the lens from developing a hardened shell. Other users include people who suffer from glaucoma or have eye conditions related to wearing contact lenses, vision problems from working on a computer, eye inflammation and corneal disorders.

There are several different brands of eye drops used for the treatment of cataracts. The most effective is CAN-C drops produced by Innovative Vision Products in the United States. The drops are available online and the consumer will always find CAN-C drops in stock.

The NAC Eye Drops are easy to use, and are applied by holding open the eye with one hand, and squeezing out two to three drops on the eye. The user should repeat that process two times a day for three to five months. The user may feel slight discomfort when the liquid hits the eye.

Always check for CAN-C free shipping when purchasing online, and take advantage of one of the many money saving offers. CAN-C can be purchased with a major credit card in 3 and 6 week supply and 2, 3, 4.5 or 6-month supply. CAN-C free shipping applies to all orders from Canada and the United States.

CAN-C comes with a 90-day money return guarantee by sending back any unused portions within the allotted time frame. Before ordering the drops, be sure CAN-C in stock is available.