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weavingthoughts Join February 10, 2016

Team Manager – Content Position at Weaving Thoughts Is Vacant Again

Good day,

If you’re interested in joining Weaving Thoughts as a Team Manager – Content, please reply to this email along with your resume, a sample article and your mobile number.

And the profile is 100% work from home, part-time and freelance in nature!

If this sounds good, please read the below details. The terms and conditions of being a writer still apply. On top of that, these are the guidelines for your profile should you be interested:

P.S. Please send in your resume with a sample article if you want to join Weaving Thoughts as a Manager!

Thank You so much, God Bless!
Aakshey Talwar



Management of a team of writers.

You will be responsible for interacting with them and managing their workload to suit their convenience so that you can get the best results from your team.

Quality Control

You need to ensure the quality, quantity and turnaround time of work at each step and that the human resources of the firm are in line.

You need to ensure the quality, quantity and turnaround time of work at each step and that the human resources of the firm are in line.

30% of the team’s billing is yours.


You are expected to work throughout the year except in case of an

You are expected to work throughout the year except in case of an
emergency (exams aren’t emergencies) and then too you need to ensure that the company works fine. You only need to work like 3-6+ hrs a day if you are efficient, maybe even less after some time. But you must keep a tab on your mobile and email 24×7.

You need to spread out your work hours to like 10-60 minutes in one sitting, but like at least 6-10+ times a day.



I will assign you writers. I will assign you projects.

You need to divide a single project between several writers to ensure:
Timely submission

Timely submission
Convenience of writers
Distributed workload
Maximum workforce efficiency
Minimum emergencies

You will have several parallel projects at the same time, of which most/many would further be divided among several writers each.

And often writers might need to work on multiple projects at the same time to manage the situation.



You will also be in charge of Quality control including but not limited to copyscape.comand plagiarism checks, following of client guidelines, ensuring proper grammar is maintained by the writers.

Ideally, once you receive an article you’ll probably not need to spend more than 3-4 minutes on each article of 500 words or so. Unless of course it needs revisions in which case you’ll need to send it back and recheck when you get it again.

You’ll personally need to check every single article manually and through tools that I provide. Including but not limited to for plagiarism, for grammar and others.

You need to go through every single article to ensure that there are no typos or grammatical mistakes. You’ll also provide feedback to your writers so they can improve. And this also ensures that you need to spend less time improving the work for those writers as time passes.

So if your team delivers say 30 articles in a day, you’ll probably need to spend 60 to 120 minutes maintaining quality control and related stuff. Besides time spent in team management etc.

Every single aspect of your team is your 100% responsibility. You act as a full-on unit. Whether it is quality control, management, clearing doubts etc.



You will be the link between the writers and me. Whether it is arranging their invoices or interacting with them, you’re their manager.


Thank You so much, God Bless!


P.S. I can’t stress this enough, although 8-12 hrs of availability is required, 365 days a year, the actual working hours will likely be 3-6 hrs or so per day and spread through the day.

P.P.S. You need to have your mobile and internet with you at all times at your own expense and mobile calls will be extensively used! You won’t be compensated for this.
There will be extensive use of mobile calling, Whatsapp calling, Whatsapp messaging, SMS and emails/internet. That won’t be reimbursed.