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weavingthoughts Portfolio, Rokeeto February 10, 2016

Bangalore Loses ‘Safe’ Status After Brutality Against The Tanzanian Girl

While reports of atrocities against women were pouring out of other metropolitan cities of India, Bangalore was still the one nearly safe enough.

After what happened to the Tanzanian girl, it is time, even Bangalore had hung its head down in shame.

The barbaric incident has laid bare the low morale of the public towards foreigners. Whatever became of “Atithi Devo bhava”?

Height of Misunderstanding

A case of sheer misunderstanding it was, when the girl was allegedly violated by an angry yet clueless mob, in response to a hit-and-run case.

• The mob mistook the Tanzanian girl’s car to be that of the culprit.
• The perpetrators allegedly dragged her out of the car, stripped her, and beat her up. They did not even spare her friends who were inside the car.
• As if this was not enough, the passengers of the bus passing by pushed her out of it when she tried to escape by getting on it.
• All this transpired for one small mistake – she had parked her car near the accident spot.

She and her three friends paid a hefty price for a crime they did not commit.

Repercussions Against The Crime

This incident has the High Commission of Tanzania involved.

A Note Verbal sent to the External Affairs Ministry clearly indicates measures required against those guilty of the crime. Fortunately, the Ministry has intervened in the matter, booking four accused. They are likely to face criminal charges.

Calling the event ‘shameful’, Sushma Swaraj, the External Affairs Minister, has stressed on ensuring safety of the Tanzanian students overall.

Bengaluru Cut A Sorry Figure

A majority of men shows an incomprehensible aggression on women to date. Surprisingly, this never happened in Bengaluru – a city so advanced in erudition and open-mindedness. Will there be no city left where women can feel safe?