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Hi there.

I’m glad you’ve decided to consider Weaving Thoughts as a platform to acquire writing projects.

To be clear, I offer part time freelance work from home content writing projects to freelance writers, paid on a per article basis.

To introduce myself, I am Aakshey Talwar, the Founder and CEO of Weaving Thoughts, a Content Marketing company based out of New Delhi.

I am constantly on the lookout for fresh talent in the form of writers. And I am always open to give a chance to anybody and everybody through the year if they think that they want to join my company.

Now, what exactly is this profile, is what you are perhaps wondering?

Coming to that right now!

You can work from the comfort of your home.

You will have flexible working hours.

Do as little or as much work as you want. But you do need to meet deadlines which aren’t that flexible.

There is unlimited work for you should clients keep giving us work and should your quality and service be good. You can keep yourself busy full time, 24x7x365 as long as you provide good work.


This is ghostwriting. You don’t get any credit for any work you do for/with us apart from the compensation.

All rights are retained by the client of said work. You can’t claim any right of any kind for any work done for/with us.


I know that the payment isn’t that great. But sadly this is all I can afford. And unfortunately, I don’t see that improving anytime soon either.

On the flip side, I have more work than you will ever need. As much as you want. Whenever you want. And from the comfort of your home. You can’t compromise on the quality of service though.

Writing a 500 words article once you get the hang of it should take like 30 minutes or so. So soon you should be able to write about 2 articles of that length with some practice, in an hour that is.

We have two remuneration tiers:

Tier 1 – INR 50 per article of 500 words

Tier 2 INR 100 per article of 500 words

Only the better writers will get a chance to work with INR 100 / article of 500w projects. Ideally, good writers will have a mix of projects at both rates.
However, you do have a choice. Would you like to work on projects that pay:
1) Only Tier 2 projects, that is only INR 100 per 500 words.
2) All types of projects, INR 50 or higher per article of 500 words. Both Tier 1 and 2.

Those writers who go with the latter will get more projects due to general availability of projects across both tiers.

To explain a bit further:

If we order an article of 500 words,

You are expected to write: A title of 40-60 characters PLUS An article body of 501-550+ words or so

And payment is for 500 words, not more, not less. Whatever you were told, whichever rate tier was applicable.

You can’t write less than what is mentioned above. NEVER!

If we order an article of 250 words:

You are expected to write: A title of 40-60 characters PLUS An article body of 251-275+ words or so

And payment is for 250 words, not more, not less. INR 25 or INR 50, based on the applicable rate tier.

You can’t write less than what is mentioned above. NEVER!

Now, if this payout isn’t worth your time, then hard luck for me.

But there are lots of writers making an extra Rs.3000-5000+ per month by working just several hours a week with us!

You can make much more than that with us if you have adequate time on your hands.



Engaging in the below activities MIGHT result in you being penalised and/or removed from the team. The extent of penalty is as per what Weaving Thoughts deems reasonable.

However, I don’t remember if, or whether something this serious as happened yet. Despite people wrecking havoc from time to time.

As long as your intent isn’t wrong, you’ll have our support. However, if your intent is against us, we will break all ties with you.

The activities include but may not be limited to:

1. Plagiarism. Regardless of whether it is with respect to the Internet or with respect to your own content you wrote for us.

2. Non-adherence to client guidelines/training/protocol/deadlines.

3. Content quality that isn’t at par with your samples.

4. Any act which implies insincerity or cheating the company directly/indirectly or lack of honesty in any aspect of dealing with us.

5. Any other reasonable reason.

Again, just a legal precaution. I doubt this clause will ever be used because it is of no meaning in most cases! 😀

I don’t want to scare you away, I really don’t.

I need as many good writers as I can hire. But I need to safeguard the company from the evil elements out there. Because I have had the misfortune of facing them previously and unfortunately they come up from time to time.

I would be glad to have you on board.

And don’t worry. Weaving Thoughts is a genuine company. In business since July 2008.

A1/43 Azad Apartments
Sri Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi 110016

Once you clear all tests.

Thank You so much for reading this so far!

God Bless

Aakshey Talwar
Founder and CEO, Weaving Thoughts