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weavingthoughts Join January 8, 2016

Terms & Conditions For Joining Weaving Thoughts As A Writer

If you join Weaving Thoughts, it is implied that you are perfectly fine with each and every single of these terms. They are non-negotiable.


From The Desk Of Aakshey Talwar

Founder & CEO, Weaving Thoughts

8th January 2016, New Delhi, INDIA


To be clear, I offer part time freelance content work from home content writing projects to freelance writers that are paid on a per article basis.

To introduce myself, I am Aakshey Talwar, the Founder and CEO of Weaving Thoughts.

I am constantly on the lookout for fresh talent in the form of writers. And I am always open to give a chance to anybody and everybody through the year if they think that they want to join my company.

Now, what exactly is this profile, is what you are perhaps wondering?

Coming to that right now!

  1. You can work from the comfort of your home.
  2. You will have flexible working hours.
  3. Do as little or as much work as you want. But you do need to meet deadlines which aren’t that flexible.
  4. There is unlimited work for you should clients keep giving us work and should your quality and service be good enough.


This is ghostwriting. You don’t get any credit for any work you do for/with us apart from the compensation.

All rights are retained by the client of said work. You can’t claim any right of any kind for any work done for/with us.



Engaging in the below activities is likely to get you penalized or fired from the team. The extent of penalty isn’t limited by any measure or aspect.

You may or may not receive a warning, based on my discretion and conviction. You certainly can’t expect that to be your right though I try to be as fair as possible with everybody.

The activities include but are not limited to:

1. Plagiarism of any sort. Of any type. At any scale. Any time. In any article.

2. Putting our reputation or project or revenue at stake or potentially at stake, with a chance of damage.

3. Content quality that isn’t objectively/subjectively comparable to the samples you show us when we hire you.

4. Any act which implies insincerity or cheating the company directly/indirectly or lack of honesty in any aspect of dealing with us.

5. Any other reasonable reason.

Again, just a legal precaution. I doubt this clause will ever be used because it is of no meaning in most cases! 😀

I don’t want to scare you away, I really don’t.

I need as many good writers as I can hire. But I need to safeguard the company from the evil elements out there. Because I have had the misfortune of facing them previously and unfortunately they come up from time to time.

I would be glad to have you on board.

And don’t worry. Weaving Thoughts is a genuine company. In business since 2008 now.


A1/43 Azad Apartments

Sri Aurobindo Marg

New Delhi 110016, INDIA


+1-424-288-7277 (Only call during IST work hours, I live in India myself, by the way :P)



Writers are requested to apply only through email and not call me until they get selected. I can’t attend calls because I receive thousands of writing applications a year, and it is impossible to manage that, except through email.

Thank You so much for reading this so far!

God Bless

Aakshey Talwar

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